# White Capitals

# White Capitals became a very political art project during the months of its genesis. It all started of with the intention to create an abstraction of the ‘Reichstag’ in Berlin – a monumental building, charged with history.

However, over the months of its evolution, Brexit happened, Trump got elected and numerous nationalist movements grew throughout Europe.

At the same time a pro-European movement was founded by a private couple in Frankfurt (not linked to ANY institution) resulting in thousands of people meeting every Sunday at 2pm across Europe to express their love for the European Union, its value(s) and how they benefit from it – despite all its shortcomings.

So, gradually, the idea to do an abstraction of the ‘Reichstag’ grew into something much bigger, to include all leading cities in Europe – and beyond – and call the project:

# White Capitals.

All buildings have been chosen to be the respective parliaments – as the main body of democracy (i.e. not the residences of PM’s, etc).

All photographs have been taken at dusk – to express the idea of change that can happen every day.

All paintings have been done using only white color – to express innocence and vulnerability.

All paintings are done using a spattle technique, resulting in an abstract effect that can be perceived as a crowd waving big flags in front of those parliaments – to express the power of the many to force any government to really act on their behalf.