Gallery Weekend 2017 // Some Highlights // Jonas Burgert

One of the key highlights of this year’s Gallery Weekend was certainly Jonas Burgert’s 22m painting at Blain/Southern, together with a big collection of other paintings of his.

I especially love the subtle spirituality you can feel in all of his paintings – a modern, 21-century ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel …

Gallery Weekend 2017 // Some Highlights // Michael Laube

Last week I was very busy visiting a couple of museums, the ‘TheHaus’ art project and, obviously, ‘Gallery Weekend Berlin’. As with all big events like ‘Gallery Weekend’ the quality of exhibitions varies a lot. So here are some of my highlights…

Michael Laube – exhibited @ Kuckei + Kuckei – has focused his art on ‘acryl on acrylic’, creating wonderfully colorful pieces that will never bore you to watch a thousand’s time as you will always discover a new facet or reflection of light.

Hello world!

This is a very bold statement for someone as ‘un-existing’ and ‘un-known’ as myself.

However, one’s ‘value of existence’ should not be determined by the number of people who know you, but by the impact you have on those that do.

Maybe one day, more people will know Frederic Writer than I am able to imagine today – or they just won’t.

Let’s see, what will happen and how the story of Frederic Writer will unfold…