First solo exhibition // Had a wonderful exhibition …

After some busy weeks in Greece, Lebanon and Israel I came back to Berlin, just to set up my first solo exhibition the next day. 

The grand opening on Aug 5 was great fun, and the ten following days at the gallery amazing – with lots of different people visiting during day and night time. Many conversations, lots of encouraging feedback and three canvases sold. Woohoo!

Thus, I felt really sad when closing down last Sunday and packing all my remaining art to bring it back to the studio. I will definitely miss gallery life 😉 …

#023 // Fear & Hope

‘Fear & Hope’ is part of the # Not Forgotten series, focused on the destiny of the weakest in the context of hegemonial power play.

It is based on my support for the Lobilat charity (, that aims to give back comfort and hope to Syrian refugee kids that need to live in Lebanese refugee camps – by providing them with ‚fluffy soulmates‘.

Donors can name their fluffies after people they care for, producing tripple happiness – for the refugee kid, the person after whom it is named and themselves.