Art week // Part I // Biennale in Venice

Spent three wonderful days at Biennale di Venezia in Venice. Great start on day one with Peggy Guggenheim Foundation and an unbelievable exhibition by Damien Hurst at Palazzo Grassi. What a great and megalomanic idea.

The following two days were dedicated to the Biennale, with day two spent at the Arsenale and day three at the Giardini. Especially, Arsenale’s old warehouse buildings are a superb location and great backdrop for exhibiting the art on show – with the Lebanese contribution hidden at Arsenale Nord being a real highlight that only a few made an effort to see.

The pavilions at the Giardini are in very mixed shape, and the art on show – at least in my perception – did not match the level of those on show at the Arsenale. Here, the Austrian pavilion was a rare exception.