Berlin Philharmonic // Lunch concert surprises

I haven‘t been here for a long time. I tried to blame my new business and all that exciting work I do for my clients … In the end, it’s all about priorities … So, after successfully solving some project hickups last night I decided to treat myself with a ‚Free Lunch Concert‘ at Philharmonie … On arrival, I find out that it will be all pupils from a ‚Musik-Gymnasium‘ in Weimar … Stupid me, I start to get arrogant about what to expect … And then, what an experience … All that amazing talent … Their nervousness and shivering legs … Allmost impossible to continue breathing … The relief when it’s ‚over‘ … And the glow in their eyes, when the crowd starts to applaude – probably the biggest audience they played so far in their young lifes … And then, the final performer, a young boy of ten years. Totally cool. Like in a cocoon of his own … Breath-taking, tears of joy running down my cheeks, imagining the dreams these kids are dreaming and how hard they work to fulfill them … Thank you so much! I am truly grateful to be here and experience this moment … #music #concert #outstanding #young #talent #grace #joy #thankfullness #humble

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